Witteveen is the cheapest and fastest supplier of imported cars. We have contacts with car dealerships and lease companies in all of Europe. This means that you as interested party have first choice from a large and good quality amount of vehicles. With our transport partners you can be sure of an on time delivery of your newest purchase.

We also provide the net priced purchase of cars that you have found in Europe yourself. We do this to ensure a care-free purchase. Car companies can have difficulties when purchasing a net priced car. 
We can ensure the purchase of a net priced car for you and handle the transport and take all other burdens off your hands. We do, however, charge a special rate for this service, but in the end it will save you money which you can invest in other purchases which we will be more than happy to provide for you.

We use a step by step plan whilst importing your dream car.
Your search is entirely free of charge and without obligation, get acquainted with Witteveen and discover your possibilities. Give us your specifications here, but keep in mind: The more information you provide, the better we can search on your behalf!

Make and type, Colour, Year, Engine, Doors, Specifications, Horsepower, Etc.

Explanation proof of the transaction

  1. screenshot of your internet transaction
  2. proof of transaction from your bank
  3. or until the amount is transferred into our account, allow for up to 4 days delay!